International Students and Cultural Differences

Following the statistics, international students study at thousands of US colleges. They are exceptionally valuable for society, as they teach tolerance and mutual understanding. Additionally, it is inevitable to embrace international students on campuses, as they have a positive impact on the student population on several levels, including cultural exchange, academic prestige, and financial reward. As a rule, international students take studying more seriously, so they do not search for nerdify reviews and side assistance the moment they face problems. Instead, they are used to researching, investigating, and learning things. Consequently, international students usually show better academic performance.

Besides, colleges and universities that care about the cultural development of their students, appreciate people from other countries. Collaboration with international students gives a clearer vision of traditions and ethnic differences between various groups of people. Additionally, it is inevitable to remember about the economic investment such students make, spending money on tutoring and living at the college.

Talking about international students and their experience, it is vital to mention the frustration and embarrassment they may feel as they come to study in a different country. The reasons may be different, starting with an abnormal environment, unusual rules, and new people. The combination of these features is commonly known as a cultural shock. Separation with valuable people can aggravate the feeling. Other factors that may contribute to culture shock include:


A lot of students may have a hard time getting used to the northwest climate. Abnormal tiredness, fatigue, and laziness are the problems they frequently face. The discrepancy in the weather can affect academic success. Fortunately, custom essay writing services, like essayusa can provide necessary assistance and give some time to get adjusted.


Listening, speaking, and accomplishing tasks in English may be complicated and tiring. At some points, international students have problems understanding the lectures and accomplishing certain assignments. Some trusted writing platforms can be the only solution, at least, at the initial stages of your studying.

Rules of Social Behavior

New social reality may be confusing, surprising, and even offensive. Watch people interacting with one another to get the idea of social distancing and similar issues.


What seems usual for US students may be completely weird and abnormal for the representatives of other cultures. It may take some time for international students to learn how things work here. It is easier to notice cultural differences in the physical environment, but it will take more time to acknowledge emotional discrepancies. As a diligent and responsible international student, you may spend days and nights doing research and working on your academic paper, while it may take 10-15 minutes for the locals to find the speedypaper review and order a quality assignment. What is considered to be cheating for one student, is a qualified help for another.


Moving to college in a different country can be a reason for serious distress and sometimes even depression. International students may feel lonely and isolated, but after a while,