19 good ideas for cultural criticism essay

Most people think that criticism implies strict reprimanding of some aspect and indication to its negative sides. However, criticism is simply a sound assessment of some point, evaluation of its negative and positive sides of any particular aspect. A critical criticism essay is a useful tool that helps to teach students how to analyze something, and that's an important skill. But according to the SpeedyPaper reviews, it's possible to start that more and more students tend to order essays online. They do it for various reasons, but the complexity of this assignment is the most widespread one.

Cultural Criticism Topics

Read the list of topics, use those that seem interesting to you, or invent your own. It's time to boost your creative thinking.
1. Racism and discrimination in American (or any other) society. This problem needs attention, so writing an essay on it is a good option.
2. Homelessness. Consider the situation with homeless people in a particular society.
3. Presence of several national languages in [country]. Should your country have several national languages?
4. Youth drug abuse in [country]. It's one of the best analytical essay topics, addressing an acute problem.
5. The role of women in [culture/country]. Analyze the changing gender roles.
6. The culture of marriage in a particular society. Marriage loses its value in many cultures. Write an essay to find the reasons why.
7. Whether people must vote or not? It's generally accepted that all upstanding citizens must attend voting. If it's true?
8. Slave trade in the modern world/ in previous centuries. Analyze the moral aspects of this aspect. This essay may be quite difficult, so don’t hesitate to use affordable essay writing service if you feel that it's beyond your abilities.
9. Differences in men's and women's thought processes. It's assumed that men and women think differently, so explore if it's true.
10. Digital technologies and their impact on society. Is there any harm in that?
11. Immigration issue. Analyze the attitude of people in a particular country to it.
12. Multicultural society: pros and cons. This topic belongs to the successful cultural criticism essay topics.
13. College or university athletics. Is it worth paying so much attention to it or not?
14. How music influences our lifestyle? Choose any genre you want and analyze it.
15. Obesity among school children/adults. What are the consequences of it?
16. Body modifications. More and more women tend to change their appearance to comply with the standards of beauty. Does it make sense?
17. Single parent family vs. nuclear family. Describe the differences and analyze the consequences of single-parent families for the child.
18. Interracial marriage. Consider the ethical aspects of it and think why there are so many opponents of it.
19. The role of religion. Choose one society and analyze how religion influences how people think, interact with others, and live.
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